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Fresh Off the Press: Wrestling Gear

Things have been quiet for a bit on the Sukiwear front, but we’re by no means relaxing!
Here’s a taste of the latest creations over at the [ Sukiwear Blog ] + the [ Sukiwear Facebook ]




I had a stroke of creativity today in-between some outline lettering, and made a new cover photo for our Facebook page ^.^
For someone who was well terrified of Photoshop and didn’t know where to even start, I’m well proud of meself for managing to learn both how to crop Images into circles and to apply Watermarks for the “How to Measure Yourself” detailed guides to send to Customers:

Here’s a few Show-Off’s we’ve done recently:




B O N . V O Y A G E
Littlest sister Becky departed the North East with her two pet Bunnies a few weeks ago to live with our Mam and her partner down in Gloucester. Stroud is a beautiful place and I know she’ll grow down there and be encouraged properly, even though I’ll sorely miss our Lambrini/Pizza/DVD nights. She won’t enjoy howking me out of the wardrobe when I come to stay in her bedroom because I was sleep walking at Christmas 😉

S U K I W E A R 
I’ve been making Wrestling Gear for three years (I think?) with my friend Sue and I wanted to pop a few of our latest pieces up for show-offs 🙂 We’re having a lot of panel work coming in lately, which means a lot more sewing, constructing and printing but there’s no competition between Printed Vs Sewn/Printed combinations! It’s lovely to have more difficult projects coming in 🙂
If you like you can check out our 

F E E D . M E . K I M B L E S

My Venus Flytrap as now reached limbs of ridiculousness – with five new flowering stems beginning to grow. My Flat faces South, so I have a straight left-to-right Sunrise – Sunset and they seem to be reaching up to where the Sun is in it’s highest spot ^.^

G I F T I N G . T H E . S Q U I P P Y
“Squippy” is a bit of a family joke from when Littlest sister Becky was first learning to talk and marveled at our vast collection of pet rabbits and guinea pigs. Skippy was a brown female netherland dwarf rabbit I had at the time, and thus all rabbits became “Squippies”, and guinea pigs became “Ooh-Ooh’s”.
I’ve bought Twylla an outdoor run for the warmer weather, and carried it back from Sue’s place on the bus – God knows what the people around here think of me – a rolled up massive rug to the Charity shop one week, a cabinet the next, a rabbit run after that…haha!
She’s so massive now – it’s hard to believe I got her at 6 weeks – just a little quivering ball of fluff. She’s well spoiled now ^.^
With me having a 3rd-floor penthouse Flat, I thought it wasn’t fair that she should have to miss out, especially when there’s a vast patch of green round the backs of the Flats that’s usually Child & Dog-free. I do go out and grab her a big bag of dandelions for her when they grow but it’d be lovely to sit out with her in the sun with my Guitar or Scrapbook or a paperback and a few cans of an afternoon 🙂