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Whitby Day Trip


On Saturday, the S.O. and I decided on a last minute venture to Whitby for his Birthday ❤ As such, I didn’t take any Photo’s as we just enjoyed our day together. I did get this awesome Fridge Magnet to mark the occassion too!

We headed to Trillo’s of Whitby for a large cone apiece. S.O. had a Vanilla and I opted for one of their popular Black Cherry and Ameretto cones. It was absolutely divine, bits of Cherry mixed in with the ice cream and the smell is amazing!

Trillo’s have been making Ice Cream in Whitby for over 100 years and they don’t get enough love for it. It’s £2.50 for a Large Cone (Double scoop with none of the Mr Whippy nonsense, proper creamy ‘old fashioned’ delciousness) and it’s worth every penny.

We popped into Honeyz and marvelled at their vast variety of soaps and bath bombs on offer, including a whole Minion made of soap! I chose a slice of Cookies & Cream soap and after coming home from an evening shift, the whole Flat smelled of it after just one use. Excellent stuff! They do an adorable soap with a plastic fish enclosed, I’ll be sure to pick one up on our next visit ❤

After checking out a few restaurants and their £15 Dinner options, we opted for Fish Box located right next to the Co-Op, and chose a Box Meal each. This is another company that doesn’t get enough love for what it does. We were super impressed with both the portion sizes and the Staff. Well done guys!

At £8.30 (Cod) / £8.50 (Haddock), you’re welcome to either take it home or sit in the restuarant. The Box Meal (Plastic Cutlery supplied) comes with a generous portion of both the Fish, Chips (Salt and Vinegar at the Counter but would recommend you bring your own Ketchup or Mayo if you’re a fiend for them like I am!), a side order of choice (Pea’s/Beans/Curry/Gravy) and a drink of choice.

In all, a fabulous day, and we got a lovely sunset view on the drive home! We can’t wait to go back 😀

Kimbles xXx