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Fresh Off the Press: Wrestling Gear

Things have been quiet for a bit on the Sukiwear front, but we’re by no means relaxing!
Here’s a taste of the latest creations over at the [ Sukiwear Blog ] + the [ Sukiwear Facebook ]



It’s been just over a month now since returning from Cuba and my tan shows no sign of fading! I miss the Country and the lessons it’s taught me – mostly never waste an ounce of your potential with the opportunities and freedoms I have, and also to be extremely *EXTREMELY* grateful for everything I’ve got.

I did enjoy the trip more when I came home, and had time and peace to reflect on things because there wasn’t so many new things to experience once I was back in the normal routines.It’s made me realise just how far I’ve came on my own, how many times I’ve fallen and how many times I’ve brushed off my bleeding knees and kept going and figuring things out on my own. Everything I’ve built – my Flat, my Job & The Wrestling Gear/Fashion design – I owe no-one for.

The best bit though, was reading my Sister’s two-week-old copy of Kerrang! #1525 on the Plane home and my eyes suddenly snagging on the feature of the Sonisphere Festival.

I recognise that Singlet 😉
Digging out my [ Smarties Cookie Recipe ], I did three batches – each with a different sweetie – and Cookie-bombed a few mates who were in need of cheering up! My favourite was the Snickers Cookies 😀
Smarties Cookies:
Mini-Snickers Cookies (With two handfuls of chopped nuts & 50g Melted Dairy Milk Chocolate):
Rolo Cookies (With 50g Melted Dairy Milk Chocolate) :
Have splashed out on a proper Sewing machine to finally make the step of proper Fashion Design, as well as Printing/Tie Dyeing Blanks. as well as helping out with the Wrestling Gear >^.^< Poor Sue will have her work cut out for her teaching me! We’ve already bought fabric for my first project – a reversable bag in cupcake print & Halloween Trick or Treat print – but haven’t had the time to begin it yet with work and our immense Gear load at the moment 😦
Kimmies got a Boyfriend! ♥
This is Matt. We’ve been seeing each other for two months now ^.^
Massive Wrestling fan, Art Lover, Guitar player, Bacon Enthusiast, Master of Cuddles & a Sweet Heart.




B O N . V O Y A G E
Littlest sister Becky departed the North East with her two pet Bunnies a few weeks ago to live with our Mam and her partner down in Gloucester. Stroud is a beautiful place and I know she’ll grow down there and be encouraged properly, even though I’ll sorely miss our Lambrini/Pizza/DVD nights. She won’t enjoy howking me out of the wardrobe when I come to stay in her bedroom because I was sleep walking at Christmas 😉

S U K I W E A R 
I’ve been making Wrestling Gear for three years (I think?) with my friend Sue and I wanted to pop a few of our latest pieces up for show-offs 🙂 We’re having a lot of panel work coming in lately, which means a lot more sewing, constructing and printing but there’s no competition between Printed Vs Sewn/Printed combinations! It’s lovely to have more difficult projects coming in 🙂
If you like you can check out our 

F E E D . M E . K I M B L E S

My Venus Flytrap as now reached limbs of ridiculousness – with five new flowering stems beginning to grow. My Flat faces South, so I have a straight left-to-right Sunrise – Sunset and they seem to be reaching up to where the Sun is in it’s highest spot ^.^

G I F T I N G . T H E . S Q U I P P Y
“Squippy” is a bit of a family joke from when Littlest sister Becky was first learning to talk and marveled at our vast collection of pet rabbits and guinea pigs. Skippy was a brown female netherland dwarf rabbit I had at the time, and thus all rabbits became “Squippies”, and guinea pigs became “Ooh-Ooh’s”.
I’ve bought Twylla an outdoor run for the warmer weather, and carried it back from Sue’s place on the bus – God knows what the people around here think of me – a rolled up massive rug to the Charity shop one week, a cabinet the next, a rabbit run after that…haha!
She’s so massive now – it’s hard to believe I got her at 6 weeks – just a little quivering ball of fluff. She’s well spoiled now ^.^
With me having a 3rd-floor penthouse Flat, I thought it wasn’t fair that she should have to miss out, especially when there’s a vast patch of green round the backs of the Flats that’s usually Child & Dog-free. I do go out and grab her a big bag of dandelions for her when they grow but it’d be lovely to sit out with her in the sun with my Guitar or Scrapbook or a paperback and a few cans of an afternoon 🙂