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Unicorns are Vegan!


Here’s a Tee and Hoodie I designed upon a suggestion recently using Black/White Vinyl on the corresponding garment colours and adding the accents with Spectrum Vinyl! Spectrum is a notoriously difficult vinyl to photograph with it’s light reflecting qualities so I hope I’ve done a good job here. Baseball Tee is shown above, and below is the Hoodie featuring a “#PoweredByPlants” back print. I also added something a bit personal which you can’t really see in the snaps 😉




Here’s my awesome friend Sarah, who runs “What do Vegans eat anyway?”  modelling her swag!


Kimbles xXx

Creations & Surgery

Custom Tee: A Gift ❤


Cheeky Update with a Tee I designed, made and gifted to the S.O. for his Birthday earlier this month 😀

Being a Wrestler, he got some new super sparkly holographic gear recently and I wanted to incorporate this into his Tee and utilised some of my light reactive vinyl, using Spectrum.

His theme song is 2 Unlimited’s Get ready for this!


…And I popped his name on the back ❤


Kimbles xXx

Creations & Surgery

Bunnies & Bulldogs


…And here we are – modelled by Jennifer rockin’ her new ‘do 😀
In the Etsy Shop [ HERE ]




Can’t wait to start working on more Gothic & Stitchpunk designs ^.^

Additionally, I’ve realised that I probably can’t afford to start College/University and get the fancy Degree in Graphic Design that all of these creative, city-based, nice-paying, non-Factory Jobs are shouting out for (My friends also tell me not to waste a few grand and my time on an OpenUniversity programme) so I’ve armed myself with my existing copies of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and I’m teaching myself how to fully utilize the software and not just what I’m currently using for the Wrestling Gear. First up is [ A Crash Course in Abode Illustrator ] and a funky little Treasure Map WIP I drew ‘By-the-Book’:


It is taking a considerable amount of Self-restraint not to grab a blank piece of paper, draw an island and all of the funky little doodles I still want to add to it, paint it with tea, dry it on the radiator and set fire to the edges. I’m just a Hand’s-on Girl, I can’t help it!

To prove a Point…

Sponsor Logo:


In Vector by Adobe Illustrator & Imported/Resized and cut by Artcut6:


And printed on the finished Garment:


Incidentally, the Sponsor Logo was requested to be added after the order was placed & paid for and before I started the Adobe Illustrator Crash Course. Usually, we charge a bit extra for the time and materials that go into extra additions to an order depending on how far along it is, but with the complication of the design – even though it’s only two colours, it was still a few extra solid hours of work to get it perfect – I wanted to add it to my Portfolio as I’d placed a few newly-learned techniques onto it. The mesh detail was unfortunately too elaborate to complete sensibly, but both the Client and ourselves were well happy with the outcome 🙂

Planet Neon Bunny

New adventures in Fashion Design

Hey guys! I’ve been super-busy these last few weeks with work, cranking out Wresting Gear after our bi-annual rush period, sorting out existing Shirt orders and generally having life happen, but I’ve been cracking on with my Fashion Design and released four new designs to the Etsy Store!

[★] Tie Dye Pink/Purple Cosmic Chaos Shirt

First off, my favourite from the whole new batch! This is probably the most challenging, time consuming and detailed Shirt I’ve produced so far and began life as a plain white blank before I did some Mad Science on it and took three days to make with my shifts at work. It was dyed Flamingo Pink before being scrunched in the “Spiral” position to be gently immersed in Intense Violet and then extensively washed and dried to make sure the colours didn’t run. It was inspired by some Space-themed graffiti I drew in biro a few years ago and features aliens, spaceships, ray guns, planets, stars and galaxies in two-layer vinyl prints. Available in the Etsy store in S, M, L, XL, XXL & 3XL.





[★] Rainbow Marijuana Leaf white vest top

This was quite fun to do, and mostly consists of salvagings from my scrap box. My Rainbow Hologram Hash Leaf shirt has gotten quite popular, and I wanted to do a Women’s similar version before experimenting with fabric markers. “Don’t touch the Moon Clover” is on the back in black. Available in the Etsy store in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.

[★] Angel Fish Light Reactive Pleochroic black vest top

This was another “Let’s have a rummage in the Scraps box and see what we can come up with” design. I love how it turned out – the Angel Fish are Spectrum vinyl which reflects all hues of the rainbow in different angles of light. Features “Don’t touch the Moon Clover” is on the back in hot pink. Available in the Etsy store in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.




[★] Rainbow space Planets tumble sparkle stars black vest top

An update on the Unisex Planets Shirt I used to offer. FeaturesPlanets in Red, Flouro Orange, Hot Pink, golden Yellow, Apple Green, Purple, Sky Blue and Royal blue and is adorned with Spectrim stars which reflect all of the hues of the rainbow in different angles of light. “Don’t touch the Moon Clover” is on the back in hot pink. Available in the Etsy store in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.




Hope you like!

Planet Neon Bunny

Updated Light-reactive Jellyfish & Butterfly designs


I’ve updated the Spectrum Jellyfish design to now include those awesome prominent gonads visible through the head to add a bit more detail to the design, which Jennifer has very patiently modeled on a short-sleeve fitted tee 😉
Two of these babies made their way to America recently, and seem to be the most popular shirt.


Also updated the Butterfly Tee to show the fitted variety.

Both Shirts are available in the [ ETSY ]  and [ STORENVY ] Stores and are debuting the new printed fabric labels and card swing labels attached with Kimble  tags:



Santa brought me a Kimble Gun for Christmas 😉


Planet Neon Bunny


Two new designs produced today to celebrate the re-open of the Etsy Shop where I’ll (Hopefully!) be adding at least one new design every week to get my little cheeks into gear for doing this properly now!

I’m still on re-doing the PNB Website, where it’ll just have the bare information, and I’ll keep using the Storenvy Shop & keeping all of my OOAK Upcycled stuff for Etsy.


First up, is a light-reactive new design which features two jellyfish which will glow a greenish hue in the dark when exposed to both artificial & natural light or a prolonged length of time.
Surrounding the Jellyfish are tiny bubbles which are silver in true colour, but they will reflect all the colours of the rainbow at every angle when exposed to light (as seen in the pictures).
On the back of the neck is the new “Don’t touch the Moon Clover” PNB Logo in Hot Pink (Which also glows under UV light!). I’m going to reserve the UV-reactive vinyls for this logo on any light-reactive black shirts.



Next, is a psychedelic Magic Mushrooms design on a fitted white long-sleeve from dead stock which I’ve had when ASDA used to supply them a LONG time ago. If it gets popular, I’ll source some for regular stock as I’m growing quite fond of the the Spectrum vinyl effect on white garments!

Design is also light-reactive, and features three cute Mushrooms which are silver in true colour, but they will reflect all the colours of the rainbow at every angle when exposed to light (as seen in the pictures).
On the back of the neck is the “Don’t touch the Moon Clover” PNB Logo in Black.