Okay! So what’s been going on in my own world lately…?


I’ve recently got a new Job at a Print & Embroidery place which I’m running alongside a part time weekend Job at a Pub. Hallelujah and three cheers for getting back on my feet for the Flat ❤ (More on that later!)


A bunch of blanks I ordered last week came in after the Bank Holiday delay. You can’t imagine how excited I was to unwrap these babies and get cracking with them 😉 Two of them have already been printed up and I’m working on the third one as a present for someone!


I taught the S.O. how to Vinyl Print after he sent me a design last week, and I said “Yep! Make it with me” 🙂 So we did!


I gifted one to Shiloh Greaves as part of the Road Banter they were enjoying. Here he is modelling it 😀


Inspired, I’ve released a few new designs at the Shop with a Kitty Heart Print in Black, and popping a Glow in the Dark version on the darker colours:

Kimbles xXx


Can’t Touch This


Buying my own Flowers & PerryWine! #LikeAFemaleBoss
You want Romance done right?
Do It Yourself.

Dating frustrates me.
It’s my #1 Annoyance alongside Period Blood, Spiders, Being Skint & odd days when my Printing Equipment has Diva tendencies and doesn’t want to play.

The Internet has brought us many great things – like Porn & Shopping in our Pyjama’s – as well as many bad things.
One of the Bad Things is waking up with a hangover at 11:30am to a “Fancy-A-Shag?” Facebook message from a young man you barely know at Stupid O’Clock and wondering what else he was ordering on eBay before/after he sent it, and the fact that he expects us to say “All right then! Text me a picture of your Willy!” in reply.
I don’t understand young men my age in the 20-30 years age bracket, and a lot of the ones I know happily accept this sort of behaviour as normal and laugh about it. They think they’re absolutely brilliant for doing it – making Lasses feel so cheap and wondering why they are told to Fuck Off. Whether we accept or reject their advances, we are still all Bitches, Whores & Sluts.
It pisses me right off.
Call me old fashioned, but I like to meet for CoffeePint and talk about books or musicShite for a few weeks before deciding they’re good enough to intimately know my lady parts, if and when they get over the fact that my freelance design job means that I have to talk to several men every day about their Crutch measurements which almost always flares up their Jealousy Gland :/

Where are the Flowers and the Serenades and the mysterious, heart-felt courtship from Prince Charming that Walt Disney has been conditioning us for since Childhood? No wonder he was rolling in money if he’s mis-sold the idea of Love for generations.
Strapping young lads my age seem to have either not bothered learning the old ways of impressing a Woman or skipped them for the ease and convenience of finding one-time-good-time Women on the Internet with minimum effort. My Boobies & Vagina are well angry at the World.
It makes us feel disposable.
Don’t fucking do it!

If you like us in a certain way, talk to us about things. Get to know us. Go for Coffee and drinks or beach walks with us and ask how we’re doing. Don’t jump in straight away expecting to get your Willy wet because it’s almost always likely to get kicked away along with your grabby hands.

We are human creatures, not objects sorely for your use.

We can Fight our Corner so don’t put us in it.