Creations & Surgery

Bunnies & Bulldogs


…And here we are – modelled by Jennifer rockin’ her new ‘do 😀
In the Etsy Shop [ HERE ]




Can’t wait to start working on more Gothic & Stitchpunk designs ^.^

Additionally, I’ve realised that I probably can’t afford to start College/University and get the fancy Degree in Graphic Design that all of these creative, city-based, nice-paying, non-Factory Jobs are shouting out for (My friends also tell me not to waste a few grand and my time on an OpenUniversity programme) so I’ve armed myself with my existing copies of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and I’m teaching myself how to fully utilize the software and not just what I’m currently using for the Wrestling Gear. First up is [ A Crash Course in Abode Illustrator ] and a funky little Treasure Map WIP I drew ‘By-the-Book’:


It is taking a considerable amount of Self-restraint not to grab a blank piece of paper, draw an island and all of the funky little doodles I still want to add to it, paint it with tea, dry it on the radiator and set fire to the edges. I’m just a Hand’s-on Girl, I can’t help it!

To prove a Point…

Sponsor Logo:


In Vector by Adobe Illustrator & Imported/Resized and cut by Artcut6:


And printed on the finished Garment:


Incidentally, the Sponsor Logo was requested to be added after the order was placed & paid for and before I started the Adobe Illustrator Crash Course. Usually, we charge a bit extra for the time and materials that go into extra additions to an order depending on how far along it is, but with the complication of the design – even though it’s only two colours, it was still a few extra solid hours of work to get it perfect – I wanted to add it to my Portfolio as I’d placed a few newly-learned techniques onto it. The mesh detail was unfortunately too elaborate to complete sensibly, but both the Client and ourselves were well happy with the outcome 🙂

Fashion Design

The Bunny Ragdoll

After my [ Test Print // Muffin ] Post the other week, I tried out my Bunny Ragdoll on a black unisex tee. I’d been working on Wrestling Gear ] orders for two afternoons & evenings in a row so it was quite nice to wrap those up ready to take back to Sue for construction and blow the dust off my sketchbook.
I did toy with the idea for each Ragdoll to be released in two versions – one on a black tee with complimentary printed borders and one on tie-dye in complimentary colours with black embellishments, but eventually decided to attach each Ragdoll with his/her own two-tie-dye colours or an elaborate printed embellishment to make that type of Shirt unique to the Ragdoll.


This design is made in stencil format as per usual Vinyl Printing Methods, each layer being heat-sealed at 160°, printed on top each other and done entirely by creating a centre-fold and constructed by eye. The various stencils are sized, cut and weeded from 8 different shaded rolls of vinyl in 35 parts including black, white, purple, red, tartan, metallic green, spectrum chrome & mirrored chrome.

Bunny on her own:
Metallic green/Red Rose detail added and mirrored chrome Needle, Scissors, Button, Safetypin & Broken Heart complete the circle:
Side view to show reflection of Chrome:

I’m super happy with how this has turned out. The sewing accessories were added as a later “Hmm-this-still-needs-a-bit-extra” feature after a bit of thought and the metallic green & mirrored vinyl don’t take too much attention away from the Bunny Ragdoll. She’s my first ‘Gothic’ design and I’m well proud of her.
Can’t wait to get the rest of my Ragdolls in print 😀

Indie Artists

Rainbows, Critters & Unicorns

SugarDreams Kawaii Gift Shoppe. Knoxville, USA

SugarDreams creates cute gifts for the young and the Young at Heart and her Online jewellery shop is cross between an absolute nostalgia feast for 80’s kids and a Confectionery Shop for Sweet Lolita’s.
The My Little Pony necklaces (I’m also quite fond of the Purple one!) lightens my feelings slightly towards the newer Generation of MLP’s because Back In My Day™, they had big bottoms and were more loved for it!
College Student Christina creates necklaces, charm bracelets, rings and earrings adorned with adorable kawaii accessories – from plush creatures, Vintage [Pre-CGI, kids ;)] Disney Characters and 80’s cartoon favourites to the amazingly realistic Food-themed Jewellery which includes Squishy and yummy cake slices, Mouth-watering Strawberries dipped in Chocolate and Cupcakes adorned with icing and sprinkles as well as Apple Pies, Pancakes and Doughnuts!

Morumoto. Sherwood, USA

Morumoto, Japanese for “Guinea Pig”, creates unique Plushies for small animal lovers and crafts the most life-like small mammals I’ve ever seen, and as a Fellow Guinea Pig Enthusiast, this is very important!

Creating her patterns from scratch, there’s a whole menagerie of different customisable breeds and Piggie features to choose from! Morumoto only uses fabrics that accurately portray the texture and appearance according to the breed of each Piggie – which spans from the popular two-colour short-hair to Rex, the long-haired Sheltie, Albino (with PINK eyes!) and the adorable Abyssinian. Best of all, she can immortalise a past or present adored pet in plush form from pictures and I’m absolutely blown away by her work.

Also frequenting her Online Plush Pet Shop are Mice and Rats – also in different customisable colours and breeds – and there are plans to introduce hamsters, ferrets and chinchillas in the future!

Morumoto’s [ BLOG ]

Stardust Designs London, UK

Based in Covent Garden in London, Stardust Designs have been running a craft stall there for over 20 years and their creations are available from the Stall at weekends. Artists John and Nicky design and tie-dye each Piece, and graphics are applied using a time-served and high-quality Silkscreen print which is machine-washable and safe to iron. The range includes Long and Short-sleeved tops, Skirts, Hoodies, Vests, Dresses, T-shirt dresses, Leggings, Dungarees and Bags – with each design available in a multitude of rainbow colours.

The sizes run up to a Men’s 3XL and a Ladies 8 – 26 which sets them apart from the Labels whom, although their Clothing are absolutely lovely,  try and put everything in the infuriating “One-size-fits-all” Box. *cough* JORDASH!

All of the designs available are Original Stardust prints and include Witches, Suns, Stars, Flowers, Unicorns, Fairies and many more!
I love the Purple Sun/Star Dress which would look fantastic with the Metallic Animal Print Boots I got for Christmas 🙂