Phwoar – Allsorts!

M A D E . W I T H . L O V E

After the Happy Hamster Cupcakes I made last month in my Valentine’s Day Cupcake haul, I wanted something a bit more challenging in my next Baking spree! I made this Yorkshire Terrier Birthday cake for Sue – the other half of Sukiwear – a few days ago modeled after her pet Yorkie cross – Bart!

A mooch online for ‘Marzipan Dog’ didn’t bring up any of the shapes I wanted (Although there were a few awesome lifelike ones that made my piping bag droop in shame!), so I rolled up my sleeves, popped some Orange food coloring onto a handful of Marzipan and used my imagination!

I mixed a lot of icing sugar with a tiny bit of water and black food coloring to get the thick paste I wanted, and painted the back markings on with a clean paintbrush (Wiping it vigorously with kitchen roll to remove any loose bristles!) and the eyes are chocolate drops with the points facing inwards. I made Bart’s green ball and placed it in the middle before decorating with cream and Smarties.

The actual cake is Devil’s food with Cinnamon, a few drops of vanilla bean and two handfuls of muesli to keep things interesting, and has a chocolate butter-cream filling and coating.

Feedback was really good – I took a cheeky slice home and went halfies on it with my friend from work who says I should make a career of it – Haha! 🙂

C O L O U R . M E . H A P P Y

My Happy Scrapbook remains a constant enjoyment and a work in progress. I cut out all of my daft little illustrations, cut out and stick them in and do them up in the pages. The girl above is my newest one and is littered on the right amongst the mermaid and the cuddling girls I drew in biro a few years ago – I’m really diggin’ drawing Goth Girls at the moment, and I’ll be so chuffed when the book is full!

G O O D . M O R N I N G

This is one of the many feline friends I have around my Flat. I usually see them on my way home from a Nightshift. This one loves cuddles, she’ll have a few minutes stroke from me, then rub up against a Post, and then roll around on her back for a bit on the path before going on her way.

Silly Kitty – She’s such a sweetie! 

C H A R I T Y . S H O P . H A U L S

SCOPE: The Scope in Peterlee sells books at four Paperbacks for £1 or Two Hardbacks for £1. This is partially the reason my Monster High Dolls had to upgrade to their own space recently! All of the above are a 4-for-1 deal, and I got the Crimes & Criminals book to make up the 4 – I’ll probably donate it back without having a flick through as I’ve read hundreds of books of the same nature. I’m making an effort this year to get through Classic Novels so we’re starting with two Jane Austen ones 🙂

I actually had a copy of the Vagina Monologues from the now defunct Musiczone when I first started College but this was confiscated (and probably burned) along with my “Dip me in Chocolate and throw me to the Lesbians” Tee that I bought with my Paper route money for being ‘Inappropriate’ (There’s a reason I don’t talk about my Child/TeenageHood folks!)

It was wonderful flicking through the pages and questioning my feelings on it 10 years later and how they’d changed – maturity is a responsible and more empathetic perspective.

I can’t believe someone actually gave away a copy of a Studio Ghibli film! I first saw ‘Princess Mononoke’ at Christmas just gone, and it was mine for a mere £1 😀

BHF: BHF is excellent for Bric-a-Brac, and I’ve had many an exciting find there over the years. Part of me questions whether they’re all about image and quality, and scrutinize every donation bag they get – giving the faded worn jeans and the net curtains to the other shops.

Anyway, the Harry Potter book was a brilliant find – explaining the daft little Easter Eggs within the HP Series, giving out extra info about the fandom and explaining a good bit of behind-the-scenes information about myths, legends, histories, Latin derivatives and gives a nice literature understanding of the Series. It was only written halfway through the release of the entire Series, but nice nonetheless.

The Twits continues to be my favourite Roald Dahl book. I laughed out loud whilst reading it in Costa and startled astonished fellow patrons but I didn’t care one bit 😉

I’m a bit late getting into Avril Lavigne – being greatly apposed to the popularity of her music at the time it came out, but I wanted “Under My Skin” after being impressed with “Let Go” which I bought down South at Christmas. I haven’t listened to it properly all the way through yet, but I’ve always loved “Nobody’s Home”.

I really dig fans at the moment – must be a channeling an Inner Geisha!

PDSA: I got this sensibly-priced Claire’s necklace (ie £1 instead of RRP: £4.50!) as it reminded me of the Smartie Cookies I made a while ago, and a good wodge of Indian Jingly bangles. I love the way they slide up and down your wrist and have that awesome tinkly sound 😀

Phew! That’s all for now 

Doodles · Life



I finally finished a Collage project the other day that I’d started last year about a very intense and very spurned affection, and why you should keep a ring of barbed wire around yourself at all times.

Text reads:

I’ve been trying to find the way to tell you that I love you all year.

Happiness is a thousand stars exploding in a glass universe when she appears to him.
He is a dense and isolated Forest in Winter and she, a black butterfly in a pleochroic box. Her kaleidoscope gently touches his ice and they become twin suns which meet as equals at Dawn and part at Dusk. Their mould only produced one complimentary pair.

Autumn’s fierce rainstorms made her wilt and fade with the waning light. She sought comfort and oblivion and sank to the bottom of every bottle she tried to escape in. He surrounded himself in cinereal clouds until he could bear it no longer and pattered out that very irst gentle word. Her rainbow flickered and sparked after being left outside too long. He took his bright key and set her free.
Trading their friendship at the instant he unlocked her. His white flames destrpyed her prison and engulfed her black butterfly wings. She disappeared with the flowers.

Silence afterwards across a desolate plane as the stormclouds rolled ahead to blanket everything in sadness. She held her heart in her mouth and banished all interest, saving her lock for his key only. He was cruel – in his selfishness and sexual arrogance, he put his key elsewhere and kissed other girls as her devoted, heart-shaped cloud decended on him. A coward is the Man who invokes a Woman’s love without acting upon it.

She burst into flames, her heart amputated, and grew long teeth and claws to bite ad scratch all who came near. Her chest an open wound that refused to heal.

A year since he left. No flowers. No Sun and No Smiles. She heals anyway – he’d have only skull-fucked and screamed at her anyway – wanting her body instead of her mind. He is undeserving of the butterflies love and the abundance in which it was given, and he was certainly too selfish to love her back. Because he neither loves himself nor allows himself to love. She wasted many tears, but will never again. She places her heart in a box guarded by thorns and snakes – secure that it will be broken no more.”



Danger – 10,000ft drop


Intimacy is touching the water inside a goldfish bowl – fresh, clear, comfort liquid sharply becoming stale, cold, invasive and tainted with the presence of things or people we can neither understand or come to Love.
A flash of bright promise from the side of a Goldfish in a ray of Sunlight to suddenly become a blunt and burned Orange shying safely into the dark, away from all contact.
Leave me be, for I adore my bubble of Silence & Isolation.

Doodles · Life

Don’t let the Rainbow fool you

As part of this Life Coaching type of carry on, one of the many things breaking the negative repetitive behaviours, the degenerate dependencies (People & Substances), keeping me away from the inside of the bottle and (hopefully) rewiring me into a mature, responsible, sophisticated model citizen is picking up the Happy Scrapbook again!

I put this together last night, using two drawings in the long-abandoned WIP pile and lost three hours finishing it after “Oh, I’ll have a faff for half an hour…”


Scrapbook page detailing substance abuse and escapism.
Mixed Media includes a Lambrini bottle top, a Joint containing Parsley, a Baggie containing more Parsley, heart confetti & iridescent glitter.
Band-aid displays some questionable fragments I found under the Couch.
Everything drawn, coloured, cut, glued and sellotaped by me!



This little character is a glorified & prettier representation based on what I used to look like.

Here’s me, a little over two years ago at size 18-20 –
At my heaviest, my most miserable and probably the furthest into the Void I’ve ever been:


That Shirt is like a dress on me now, I wear it as a Nightie these days 🙂

Me now, a trim size 12-14:


And probably the Happiest I’ve ever been!