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Gengar Tee

Gengar Print on Tie Dye Crackle Purple ❤

This was a very simple design to make and an absolute joy to print. Hope he likes 😀

Kimbles xXx




Okay! So what’s been going on in my own world lately…?


I’ve recently got a new Job at a Print & Embroidery place which I’m running alongside a part time weekend Job at a Pub. Hallelujah and three cheers for getting back on my feet for the Flat ❤ (More on that later!)


A bunch of blanks I ordered last week came in after the Bank Holiday delay. You can’t imagine how excited I was to unwrap these babies and get cracking with them 😉 Two of them have already been printed up and I’m working on the third one as a present for someone!


I taught the S.O. how to Vinyl Print after he sent me a design last week, and I said “Yep! Make it with me” 🙂 So we did!


I gifted one to Shiloh Greaves as part of the Road Banter they were enjoying. Here he is modelling it 😀


Inspired, I’ve released a few new designs at the Shop with a Kitty Heart Print in Black, and popping a Glow in the Dark version on the darker colours:

Kimbles xXx

Indie Artists

Fashion, Artists and Jewellery Spotlight: UGLY SHYLA

It is very difficult to place Louisiana Artist Ugly Shyla into one box. On one (severed) hand she’s a Doll Maker – moulding her creations from scratch and painstakingly constructing each piece to perfection – but she’s also an Alt Model, an Upcycled & Original Fashion Designer, has a home open to all creatures in need and has awesome permanently blue hair!

Shyla’s DIY Clothing line – Execution Style Clothing – has graced the pages of Bizarre Magazine and features upcycled modified vintage pieces adorned with her own art prints, excellent-condition vintage clothing and original macabre curio jewellery featuring conjoined twins, Baphomets and broken dolls.

Carrying a Victorian-Mortuary-meets-Slient-Hill theme, Execution Style pieces are exclusively One-of-a-Kind and often feature distressed silkscreen art prints by Shyla such as Death Angels and broken dolls on anything from flouncy, ruffly bridal dresses – modified and styled into ‘Haunting Dresses’- to Army Shirts, Nurse dresses, Pretty Gypsy Shirts and artificially stained ‘Mortuary Aprons’.

Creations are even Cat-Friendly!
Shyla’s Accessory line can be found in her Ugly Art Dolls Etsy Shop, which, along with her Dolls, offers necklaces, handbags and hats featuring curio and unusual sculpted charms and pieces such as doll heads, conjoined twins and religious imagery. Necklaces are made with either fabric or metal and there are gorgeous large stamped statement pieces adorned with skulls and lace proclaiming words such as ‘Terror’ or ‘Eek!’ which shows that if you’re gonna do it Goth, at least do it properly!
Execution Style is perfectly priced and a must-have for Partygoers who don’t follow the crowd, and makes sure that you’ll stand out in a room full of latex-enthusiasts.

Execution Style on Etsy
Ugly Art Dolls on Etsy