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Unicorns are Vegan!


Here’s a Tee and Hoodie I designed upon a suggestion recently using Black/White Vinyl on the corresponding garment colours and adding the accents with Spectrum Vinyl! Spectrum is a notoriously difficult vinyl to photograph with it’s light reflecting qualities so I hope I’ve done a good job here. Baseball Tee is shown above, and below is the Hoodie featuring a “#PoweredByPlants” back print. I also added something a bit personal which you can’t really see in the snaps 😉




Here’s my awesome friend Sarah, who runs “What do Vegans eat anyway?”  modelling her swag!


Kimbles xXx




Okay! So what’s been going on in my own world lately…?


I’ve recently got a new Job at a Print & Embroidery place which I’m running alongside a part time weekend Job at a Pub. Hallelujah and three cheers for getting back on my feet for the Flat ❤ (More on that later!)


A bunch of blanks I ordered last week came in after the Bank Holiday delay. You can’t imagine how excited I was to unwrap these babies and get cracking with them 😉 Two of them have already been printed up and I’m working on the third one as a present for someone!


I taught the S.O. how to Vinyl Print after he sent me a design last week, and I said “Yep! Make it with me” 🙂 So we did!


I gifted one to Shiloh Greaves as part of the Road Banter they were enjoying. Here he is modelling it 😀


Inspired, I’ve released a few new designs at the Shop with a Kitty Heart Print in Black, and popping a Glow in the Dark version on the darker colours:

Kimbles xXx

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Vegan Inspired Makings

Here’s a few designs that I’ve been working on the last few days, which I’ve put up on the new Shop: ❤


First off, I’ve cracked open the Bead Box again and made a few VEGAN lettered bracelets! They’re available in Rainbow Glow in the Dark Stars (Charge in artificial and natural light!), Rainbow Glitter Hearts and plain all Black. I’ve priced them up at £3.50 each.


Next up, is a “Unicorns are VEGAN” Baseball Tee in Black and Spectrum Holographic Print. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Spectrum Vinyl (Coloured Silver in the Image) as it catches light and reflects it in all colours of the rainbow at different angles. Tee’s in Baseball style are available in Unisex Small to 2XL and are priced at £15.


For Black Tee lovers, I’ve changed the base Vinyl colour for this one. I’m offering it in Unisex Small all the way through to a 5XL as well as Ladies Fitted up to a Size 18. Please see the listings for size details!


Finishing off, I’ve conquered my fear of Hoodies to offer this pullover one with the White/Holographic front print and “#PoweredByPlants” on the back. It features a Drawcord Hood, Front Pouch Pocket, Double Lined Hood and is super Snuggly. I’ve got this up from a Small to a 5XL in the Shop, and priced at £25.00.

I was inspired to create this collection after a recent trip to see a friend in Scotland. We spent the weekend hanging out, watching movies, going for walks and she cooked loads of yummy vegan food, which I’d never tried before, throughout the stay. My verdict was awesome, I don’t think she had a plate back that wasn’t licked clean Haha! We even made some 100% Vegan, Gluten Free Millionaire’s Shortbread which was amazing! I’m going to be working on some new designs over the next few days alongside my part time Pub Job 😉 Keep your eyes peeled!

Kimbles xXx


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Flareon Tee


Here is a Flareon Tee I recently made for a lady in America for her Son ❤

It’s the first Kid’s Tee I’ve done in Tye Dye so I had to adjust the proportions a bit. I’m over the moon with how it turned out even though it was a three colour print (Not six like Eevee in the previous post!) and sent her a bag of chocolate buttons along with the Tee to say Thank You for bearing with me whilst I made it perfect 😀

She’s now a happy Lady.



Kimbles xXx

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Remember the [ Bunny Ragdoll Shirt ] I made a few weeks back?
I finally finished her off this afternoon after having a long um-&-ah session on what to put on the nape print instead of the usual “Don’t Touch the Moon Clover!” logo (Which didn’t quite fit with the theme!) and…voila!


The Heart is red chrome and reflects at a short distance, and I had a perfect excuse to break into it and try it out 😀

I wanted to get it up on Etsy this afternoon, but it got dark and rainy in a ridiculous amount of time…


…Never mind (Although Jennifer enjoyed getting dressed up!), let’s try out a test print for ‘Madeline’…(With Silver patches & a Spectrum star eye)…


…and get the Sketchbook out!

This is Katie – She was particularly fun to draw.
She likes Phil Collins, Hamsters, collecting Magic Trolls & tea with two sugars =^.^=


 Sleepy Head:


Rainy Day (Still not sure how I feel about this one!)