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Custom Tee: A Gift ❤


Cheeky Update with a Tee I designed, made and gifted to the S.O. for his Birthday earlier this month 😀

Being a Wrestler, he got some new super sparkly holographic gear recently and I wanted to incorporate this into his Tee and utilised some of my light reactive vinyl, using Spectrum.

His theme song is 2 Unlimited’s Get ready for this!


…And I popped his name on the back ❤


Kimbles xXx

Fashion Design

Commissioned Rose Slash Sleeve

I completed my first commission on Tuesday ^.^ My Boss told me that her Daighter was going to her school Halloween disco as a Goth and asked me to sort out a top for her as part of her costume. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, as I’m starting to branch out into properstyled tops instead of just slogans, and she’s over the moon with it ❤

It’s the first one I’ve improvised a label for (needs to be BIGGER!) and acquiring a cap press will attach it more securely but I re-pressed it god knows how many times just to make sure.

It was really fun doing the slashed sleeves though 🙂

Life has been a whirlwind, as usual: & PNB Wrestling have been re-vamped, Wrestling shows have been attended in abundance, Arse has been kicked with the Housework & regular work, and tonight, I get to see the lycra garment sample from a Seamstress who would take up the Challenge – we’ve only been searching round for months!

In short, lots & LOTS to be happy and excited about!