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Bulbasaur Tee


Here’s one of my newest Pokemon Tee’s all laid out before he went to America with a big batch of goodies ❤ Royal Blue Tie Dye is currently my most popular Tee to print on and I’m over the moon with how he turned out!





Kimbles xXx

Creations & Surgery

Custom Tee: A Gift ❤


Cheeky Update with a Tee I designed, made and gifted to the S.O. for his Birthday earlier this month 😀

Being a Wrestler, he got some new super sparkly holographic gear recently and I wanted to incorporate this into his Tee and utilised some of my light reactive vinyl, using Spectrum.

His theme song is 2 Unlimited’s Get ready for this!


…And I popped his name on the back ❤


Kimbles xXx

days out

Whitby Day Trip


On Saturday, the S.O. and I decided on a last minute venture to Whitby for his Birthday ❤ As such, I didn’t take any Photo’s as we just enjoyed our day together. I did get this awesome Fridge Magnet to mark the occassion too!

We headed to Trillo’s of Whitby for a large cone apiece. S.O. had a Vanilla and I opted for one of their popular Black Cherry and Ameretto cones. It was absolutely divine, bits of Cherry mixed in with the ice cream and the smell is amazing!

Trillo’s have been making Ice Cream in Whitby for over 100 years and they don’t get enough love for it. It’s £2.50 for a Large Cone (Double scoop with none of the Mr Whippy nonsense, proper creamy ‘old fashioned’ delciousness) and it’s worth every penny.

We popped into Honeyz and marvelled at their vast variety of soaps and bath bombs on offer, including a whole Minion made of soap! I chose a slice of Cookies & Cream soap and after coming home from an evening shift, the whole Flat smelled of it after just one use. Excellent stuff! They do an adorable soap with a plastic fish enclosed, I’ll be sure to pick one up on our next visit ❤

After checking out a few restaurants and their £15 Dinner options, we opted for Fish Box located right next to the Co-Op, and chose a Box Meal each. This is another company that doesn’t get enough love for what it does. We were super impressed with both the portion sizes and the Staff. Well done guys!

At £8.30 (Cod) / £8.50 (Haddock), you’re welcome to either take it home or sit in the restuarant. The Box Meal (Plastic Cutlery supplied) comes with a generous portion of both the Fish, Chips (Salt and Vinegar at the Counter but would recommend you bring your own Ketchup or Mayo if you’re a fiend for them like I am!), a side order of choice (Pea’s/Beans/Curry/Gravy) and a drink of choice.

In all, a fabulous day, and we got a lovely sunset view on the drive home! We can’t wait to go back 😀

Kimbles xXx

Creations & Surgery

Vegan Inspired Makings

Here’s a few designs that I’ve been working on the last few days, which I’ve put up on the new Shop: ❤


First off, I’ve cracked open the Bead Box again and made a few VEGAN lettered bracelets! They’re available in Rainbow Glow in the Dark Stars (Charge in artificial and natural light!), Rainbow Glitter Hearts and plain all Black. I’ve priced them up at £3.50 each.


Next up, is a “Unicorns are VEGAN” Baseball Tee in Black and Spectrum Holographic Print. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Spectrum Vinyl (Coloured Silver in the Image) as it catches light and reflects it in all colours of the rainbow at different angles. Tee’s in Baseball style are available in Unisex Small to 2XL and are priced at £15.


For Black Tee lovers, I’ve changed the base Vinyl colour for this one. I’m offering it in Unisex Small all the way through to a 5XL as well as Ladies Fitted up to a Size 18. Please see the listings for size details!


Finishing off, I’ve conquered my fear of Hoodies to offer this pullover one with the White/Holographic front print and “#PoweredByPlants” on the back. It features a Drawcord Hood, Front Pouch Pocket, Double Lined Hood and is super Snuggly. I’ve got this up from a Small to a 5XL in the Shop, and priced at £25.00.

I was inspired to create this collection after a recent trip to see a friend in Scotland. We spent the weekend hanging out, watching movies, going for walks and she cooked loads of yummy vegan food, which I’d never tried before, throughout the stay. My verdict was awesome, I don’t think she had a plate back that wasn’t licked clean Haha! We even made some 100% Vegan, Gluten Free Millionaire’s Shortbread which was amazing! I’m going to be working on some new designs over the next few days alongside my part time Pub Job 😉 Keep your eyes peeled!

Kimbles xXx


Creations & Surgery

Flareon Tee


Here is a Flareon Tee I recently made for a lady in America for her Son ❤

It’s the first Kid’s Tee I’ve done in Tye Dye so I had to adjust the proportions a bit. I’m over the moon with how it turned out even though it was a three colour print (Not six like Eevee in the previous post!) and sent her a bag of chocolate buttons along with the Tee to say Thank You for bearing with me whilst I made it perfect 😀

She’s now a happy Lady.



Kimbles xXx


Feelin’ Witchy!


I had a venture to Seaham last week to sort out a few Housing bits which took the best part of 10 minutes.
It would have been totally rude not to have a cheeky rummage in the Charity Shops and I managed to treat myself for the princely sum of under £3 😉

Ancient Myths Gift Shop is a wonderful shop in Seaham Town Centre that has a good all round range of your usual incense, candles, wax melts and crystals as well as fantastic ornaments, dreamcatchers, oil burners and everything from Angels and Buddha’s to Unicorns, Dragons and Fairies. I got this lovely little 4″ Angel candle for just under £2 and put her with the rest of my Collection. I think she likes her new home 😉



[ Ancient Myth’s WEBSITE ]

Afterwards, I had a rummage in Stray Aid a few doors along. I love this little Shop as it’s an exciting mix of a Junk Shop and an eccentric attic. Aesthetic all the way Baby!

There’s always something interesting to come home with and I make a point of going in every time. I picked up this gorgeous little trinket for 99p after (oddly enough) dreaming about something similar recently:



It’s a lovely mix of shells, wood, metal, sparklies and the Agate slice in the centre. Very Piratey!

What’s the best bargain you’ve found in a Charity Shop?


Bomb Cosmetics Review

For the record, I never ever thought I’d cheat on Lush, but after they discontinued my favourite Chocolate Orange Whipstick Lipbalm In Store, I have been questioning our relationship!
Happily, it’s available online still, but let me down once, Bro?
I’m gonna need Flowers and a bit of time to think about this…

I nipped into my local branch of Fizzilicious recently. I’d not set much in store by their soaps (Too much in love with my Lush soaps) but I love their candles! I’ve been gifted with Rhubarb Rave, Shiny Happy Purple & Chocolate Orange (which I’m frightened to burn as it smells so delicious!) and the soap slices were on for £2.50 or Five for £10.00 so I treated myself to a ‘Lass Pack’ after handling and deciding from the whole display:


From Top Clockwise:

1. Planet Rock: This is a very pretty soap which looks like suspended planets in outer space and is infused with purple glitter. Synesthesia aside, it’s exactly how I’d expect ‘Purple’ to smell. It has a woody fruity fragrance and the Ylang Ylang is beautiful. Very Berry and juicy and lathers to a slight purple tinge! A fun, sophisticated and sparkly soap.

2. Unknown: I’ve looked all over for the name of this soap but it’s not on the Website, so I’m unsure whether it’s either a new product or is now discontinued. It looks and smells like Watermelon with the slightest hint of berries. Easy to lather, clean and soft juicy scent and crisp appearance.

3. Beachcomber: A gorgeous little soap. Lathers wonderfully and smells just like a tropical beach. The coconut is definitely there but it’s not overpoweringly sweet as you can sometimes get with cheap coconut products. In addition to Ylang Ylang, it also contains Litsea Cubeba which is an oil native to Asia, I’ve never smelled it before but it compliments it wonderfully.

4. Hypno-Therapy: This is a fun soap. Juicy, citrusy but ‘grounded’ at the same time. It’s very uplifting, pretty and lathers with a pink tinge. I love how it looks, it’s the sort of soap to use when you need to get your Goddess on and get productive and focused.It’s infused with Nectarine, Cliantro, Bergamot & Thyme.

5. Coco KittyI think my kitty might be a bit drunk! Lathers well once you get it really wet. Coconuts there again, not overpowering and you can definately smell the raspberries and a little of the Jasmine. Very pretty and funky, and the flaked ‘frosting’ smells wonderful.

What are your favourite Bomb Cosmetics Products?

Kimbles xXx


Beauty: Wig it, Rub it & Draw it Out ;)


I ordered my very first ‘proper’ wig recently after contemplating a hair change (Currently waist length and dyed black) and went with Lush Wigs after following them for a bit and celebrating the happy customer count ♥

I was undecided between Star Showers, Magenta Ombre and Cherry Lipgloss, and being a Wig Virgin, I figured all three would simultaneously go with my mermaid love and my blue eyes and cheeky face. Eventually, I went with Cherry Lipgloss and I’m not disappointed! It shines tomato red, deep scarlet and pillarbox red depending on the light. A Great multi faceted wig and it was delivered very quickly! It’s super soft, super natural and hangs to your waist, Mermaid Style!
Here I am with a homage Ursula Tee from Primark and a necklace from Cuba that holds my true voice ^.^




As a Valentine’s Day Present to myself, I bought myself a single rose, took a break from cackling & wandering in the woods to hang up me cloak and dust the cauldron off to knock up a few glitter massage bars:


To make your own, melt 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in a pan on low heat, add ten drops of lavender oil, a pinch of cinnamon, two rose petals, a teaspoon of pink glitter and a few drops of Argan oil. Pour into silicon moulds and pop it in the freezer. Super relaxing, super feel good and the Flat smelled like a Witchy Alchemists Lab ♥
The Bar’s don’t go far as coconut oil melts instantly with body heat, so don’t rub too hard and a full bar will do your whole body.

I got this fantastic Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask from Betty’s Beauty Bar a few weeks ago. (Request to join the Group on Facebook as she does a load of excellent Health & Beauty Products!) It is a bit more expensive than your standard cheap bulk order of Dead Sea Clay from Amazon (Around £20 a tube and it goes far) but it works ten times better. There’s significant results on blackheads, skin texture and condition and it dries in a super tie dye effect! You can actually see the little grease-spots pooling on the surface of the mask when it’s dried as it pulls all of the grease and dirt out of your skin. Satisfyingly effective!

Pullin’ me best Grinchy Face for the Lasses 😀


Kimbles xXx


Day Out in Newcastle

Matt and I headed to Newcastle last week to finishstart our Christmas Shopping and got there pretty early to avoid the crowds. Did it make a difference? Did it heck!

Matt had noticed the newly-opened PN Wrestling located where the old Kathmandu used to be last time he was through Newcastle and wanted to wait until I was with him to have a mooch in there – The novelties of a Gear making girlfriend!
It’s well mad because Me and Sue used to be PNB Wrestling! It stocks shirts, loads of figurines & replica belts – well worth a look! I wonder if Adrian Neville is an official action figure yet 😉


We went to DAT Bar for a bite to eat and a few beers.
Because Shopping. And I hate. We both got a #4 and two orders of beef dripping chips ^.^ One top of making their own Oregano & Tomato Sauce – it became the dippy-chip challenge – the walls are papered in their own parodied B Movie wallpaper and they probably have the coolest Toilets in the North East:






I’ve heard many a good thing about Pet Lamb Patisserie, but didn’t get a chance to sample their wares until Matt bought me a surprise mix of four – which included their Chocolate Orange & Red Velvet Cupcakes. Unfortunately, the box got a little squashed whilst we were mooching about on a hardcore shopping trip, so here are some of their Valentine Collection from their Facebook. They were GORGEOUS!

Ready made excuse to go back + delicious Cupcakes = WIN!


Mmm…Glug… is a wonderful little shop located in Grainger Arcade which sells a wide range of Craft beers & wines as well as Herbs, Spices, Chocolates & Pasta. The Staff were so friendly, thoughtful and got a novive advised onto the Beers available. I managed to get a good wodge of Matt’s Christmas presents from the Glug…section 😉

It wouldn’t be a day out if we didn’t finish in BrewDog with it’s new evening Christmassy touch 😉


I also love the new Decor in the Ladies:



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