Fashion Design


I’ve been designing and customising my clothes since the tender age of 15 in the days where a £13.60 a week Paper Round was *almost* enough for a Darkside T-shirt in Newcastle’s Geordie Jeans (A pair of Punkyfish jeans was over a month’s worth!) Instead, I raided the local Charity shops for unusual finds, clarted on with fabric paints and pinned badges and safetypins to absolutely everything I wore.
At 19, I learned how to vinyl print at an embroidery shop using CorelDraw (and a lot of plasters!) and managed to save up and get my own kit second-hand a few years later – operating from home and later, a workshop! I’ve been printing T-shirts for around eight years now, and incororate a variety of themes in my designs including Ocean Life, Space, Recreational Drugs (I’m not a participant though I’m afraid!), quotes from Movies I love and Gothic Designs.
I use 100% high quality cotton T-shirts which are professionally printed and finished using a variety of durable and light-reactive vinyls for my designs which include mirrored, glitter, chrome, glow-in-the-dark and hologram. Each features it’s own “Don’t touch the Moon Clover” nape print, size label, fabric label and kimble tag. I’m particularly inspired by Space, Ocean, Forest – and more recently – Gothic themes. I like to make things as unusual and eye-catching as possible. I also learned how to tie dye last year and incorporated this into my blanks.
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