Bomb Cosmetics Review

For the record, I never ever thought I’d cheat on Lush, but after they discontinued my favourite Chocolate Orange Whipstick Lipbalm In Store, I have been questioning our relationship!
Happily, it’s available online still, but let me down once, Bro?
I’m gonna need Flowers and a bit of time to think about this…

I nipped into my local branch of Fizzilicious recently. I’d not set much in store by their soaps (Too much in love with my Lush soaps) but I love their candles! I’ve been gifted with Rhubarb Rave, Shiny Happy Purple & Chocolate Orange (which I’m frightened to burn as it smells so delicious!) and the soap slices were on for £2.50 or Five for £10.00 so I treated myself to a ‘Lass Pack’ after handling and deciding from the whole display:


From Top Clockwise:

1. Planet Rock: This is a very pretty soap which looks like suspended planets in outer space and is infused with purple glitter. Synesthesia aside, it’s exactly how I’d expect ‘Purple’ to smell. It has a woody fruity fragrance and the Ylang Ylang is beautiful. Very Berry and juicy and lathers to a slight purple tinge! A fun, sophisticated and sparkly soap.

2. Unknown: I’ve looked all over for the name of this soap but it’s not on the Website, so I’m unsure whether it’s either a new product or is now discontinued. It looks and smells like Watermelon with the slightest hint of berries. Easy to lather, clean and soft juicy scent and crisp appearance.

3. Beachcomber: A gorgeous little soap. Lathers wonderfully and smells just like a tropical beach. The coconut is definitely there but it’s not overpoweringly sweet as you can sometimes get with cheap coconut products. In addition to Ylang Ylang, it also contains Litsea Cubeba which is an oil native to Asia, I’ve never smelled it before but it compliments it wonderfully.

4. Hypno-Therapy: This is a fun soap. Juicy, citrusy but ‘grounded’ at the same time. It’s very uplifting, pretty and lathers with a pink tinge. I love how it looks, it’s the sort of soap to use when you need to get your Goddess on and get productive and focused.It’s infused with Nectarine, Cliantro, Bergamot & Thyme.

5. Coco KittyI think my kitty might be a bit drunk! Lathers well once you get it really wet. Coconuts there again, not overpowering and you can definately smell the raspberries and a little of the Jasmine. Very pretty and funky, and the flaked ‘frosting’ smells wonderful.

What are your favourite Bomb Cosmetics Products?

Kimbles xXx


Beauty: Wig it, Rub it & Draw it Out ;)


I ordered my very first ‘proper’ wig recently after contemplating a hair change (Currently waist length and dyed black) and went with Lush Wigs after following them for a bit and celebrating the happy customer count ♥

I was undecided between Star Showers, Magenta Ombre and Cherry Lipgloss, and being a Wig Virgin, I figured all three would simultaneously go with my mermaid love and my blue eyes and cheeky face. Eventually, I went with Cherry Lipgloss and I’m not disappointed! It shines tomato red, deep scarlet and pillarbox red depending on the light. A Great multi faceted wig and it was delivered very quickly! It’s super soft, super natural and hangs to your waist, Mermaid Style!
Here I am with a homage Ursula Tee from Primark and a necklace from Cuba that holds my true voice ^.^




As a Valentine’s Day Present to myself, I bought myself a single rose, took a break from cackling & wandering in the woods to hang up me cloak and dust the cauldron off to knock up a few glitter massage bars:


To make your own, melt 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in a pan on low heat, add ten drops of lavender oil, a pinch of cinnamon, two rose petals, a teaspoon of pink glitter and a few drops of Argan oil. Pour into silicon moulds and pop it in the freezer. Super relaxing, super feel good and the Flat smelled like a Witchy Alchemists Lab ♥
The Bar’s don’t go far as coconut oil melts instantly with body heat, so don’t rub too hard and a full bar will do your whole body.

I got this fantastic Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask from Betty’s Beauty Bar a few weeks ago. (Request to join the Group on Facebook as she does a load of excellent Health & Beauty Products!) It is a bit more expensive than your standard cheap bulk order of Dead Sea Clay from Amazon (Around £20 a tube and it goes far) but it works ten times better. There’s significant results on blackheads, skin texture and condition and it dries in a super tie dye effect! You can actually see the little grease-spots pooling on the surface of the mask when it’s dried as it pulls all of the grease and dirt out of your skin. Satisfyingly effective!

Pullin’ me best Grinchy Face for the Lasses 😀


Kimbles xXx