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New Design!


After being introduced to Glitter Gem Vinyl in a run of Hen Shirts at work, I couldn’t resist coming up with this uplifting quirky design.

Why be a black sheep when you can be a fabulous glittering midnight Unicorn? πŸ˜‰




I’ve had a little name change over at the Etsy Shop. Planet Neon Bunny was a bit outdated and it doesn’t really fit where I’d like to go with my design work (Plus I’d had it for about six years and it wasn’t ‘Me’ anymore). I’m also retiring a few of my older designs that also go in the ‘Meh’ pile, and I’m feeling a lot less creatively suffocated. I felt like I was in danger of becoming ‘Just another Tee Printer’, and I started losing my love of making things so it was time to cut some dead weight.

Work has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been with the Print Shop for a little over 3 months now, and I’ve designed and printed everything from Cups and Banners to Tents and Camping Chairs from scratch. It was so wonderful to find that I *could* handle this stuff, after years of just T-Shirt, T-Shirt, Hoodie, T-Shirt.

Creative feelers are well and truely stretched and seeking πŸ˜€

Kimbles xXx

Fashion Design

The Bunny Ragdoll

After my [ Test Print // Muffin ] Post the other week, I tried out my Bunny Ragdoll on a black unisex tee. I’d been working on Wrestling Gear ] orders for two afternoons & evenings in a row so it was quite nice to wrap those up ready to take back to Sue for construction and blow the dust off my sketchbook.
I did toy with the idea for each Ragdoll to be released in two versions – one on a black tee with complimentary printed borders and one on tie-dye in complimentary colours with black embellishments, but eventually decided to attach each Ragdoll with his/her own two-tie-dye colours or an elaborate printed embellishment to make that type of Shirt unique to the Ragdoll.


This design is made in stencil format as per usual Vinyl Printing Methods, each layer being heat-sealed at 160Β°, printed on top each other and done entirely by creating a centre-fold and constructed by eye. The various stencils are sized, cut and weeded from 8 different shaded rolls of vinyl in 35 parts including black, white, purple, red, tartan, metallic green, spectrum chrome & mirrored chrome.

Bunny on her own:
Metallic green/Red Rose detail added and mirrored chrome Needle, Scissors, Button, Safetypin & Broken Heart complete the circle:
Side view to show reflection of Chrome:

I’m super happy with how this has turned out. The sewing accessories were added as a later “Hmm-this-still-needs-a-bit-extra” feature after a bit of thought and the metallic green & mirrored vinyl don’t take too much attention away from the Bunny Ragdoll. She’s my first ‘Gothic’ design and I’m well proud of her.
Can’t wait to get the rest of my Ragdolls in print πŸ˜€

Fashion Design

Experimental Works & Catnip Toys!

I smuggled my sewing bag onto the bus for the hour-long ride and made some Catnip Toys this week ^.^
They’re stuffed with dried Catnip Herb and are up in the Etsy Store. Every Pet Toy order comes with a free bag of catnip herb πŸ™‚

I’ve been toying with a concept of 3D on Clothes for a while now, and finally started constructing an Experimental piece last week featuring a porthole in silver vinyl and silicone fish tank ornaments. It was quite a refreshing change from the vinyl flat-printing I do over at Planet Neon Bunny, although silicone is definately very unpleasant to attach to cotton! I’m looking at other ways to attach them.

In this piece, I used two heads of white & pink Coral, a blue and pink generic sea anemone, a few strands of Pipe Organ Sea Anemone and a length of generic green plastic Plant I have in my existing tank (washed). I’m overly happy with it, but it definately needs a range of colours in there to fill the spaces (The white line down the middle is Tailor’s chalk I used to align the circle)



Now to tame it and bend it to my will…

Fashion Design

Commissioned Rose Slash Sleeve

I completed my first commission on Tuesday ^.^ My Boss told me that her Daighter was going to her school Halloween disco as a Goth and asked me to sort out a top for her as part of her costume. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, as I’m starting to branch out into properstyled tops instead of just slogans, and she’s over the moon with it ❀

It’s the first one I’ve improvised a label for (needs to be BIGGER!) and acquiring a cap press will attach it more securely but I re-pressed it god knows how many times just to make sure.

It was really fun doing the slashed sleeves though πŸ™‚

Life has been a whirlwind, as usual: & PNB Wrestling have been re-vamped, Wrestling shows have been attended in abundance, Arse has been kicked with the Housework & regular work, and tonight, I get to see the lycra garment sample from a Seamstress who would take up the Challenge – we’ve only been searching round for months!

In short, lots & LOTS to be happy and excited about!