Day Out in Newcastle

Matt and I headed to Newcastle last week to finishstart our Christmas Shopping and got there pretty early to avoid the crowds. Did it make a difference? Did it heck!

Matt had noticed the newly-opened PN Wrestling located where the old Kathmandu used to be last time he was through Newcastle and wanted to wait until I was with him to have a mooch in there – The novelties of a Gear making girlfriend!
It’s well mad because Me and Sue used to be PNB Wrestling! It stocks shirts, loads of figurines & replica belts – well worth a look! I wonder if Adrian Neville is an official action figure yet 😉


We went to DAT Bar for a bite to eat and a few beers.
Because Shopping. And I hate. We both got a #4 and two orders of beef dripping chips ^.^ One top of making their own Oregano & Tomato Sauce – it became the dippy-chip challenge – the walls are papered in their own parodied B Movie wallpaper and they probably have the coolest Toilets in the North East:






I’ve heard many a good thing about Pet Lamb Patisserie, but didn’t get a chance to sample their wares until Matt bought me a surprise mix of four – which included their Chocolate Orange & Red Velvet Cupcakes. Unfortunately, the box got a little squashed whilst we were mooching about on a hardcore shopping trip, so here are some of their Valentine Collection from their Facebook. They were GORGEOUS!

Ready made excuse to go back + delicious Cupcakes = WIN!


Mmm…Glug… is a wonderful little shop located in Grainger Arcade which sells a wide range of Craft beers & wines as well as Herbs, Spices, Chocolates & Pasta. The Staff were so friendly, thoughtful and got a novive advised onto the Beers available. I managed to get a good wodge of Matt’s Christmas presents from the Glug…section 😉

It wouldn’t be a day out if we didn’t finish in BrewDog with it’s new evening Christmassy touch 😉


I also love the new Decor in the Ladies:



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