The Adventures of Stabby the Hamster


Stabby is a stuffed toy Hamster I bought for my youngest sister during a school trip to Bellingham in my last year of Primary School and joined the arm of stuffed toys in her Toy boxes for a number of years. About 5 years ago, my parents cleaned out their attic and went through binbags of our old stuff to sort out and poor Stabby was rescued and reunited with me after 15 years.


Keen to make a fresh start on our relationship, I started taking him out…
Enjoying a Pint at The Bridge Tavern in Newcastle:


Stabby rootled through the drawers in the Outside area and found a Willy – YOU’RE IT!


Cuddling THIS IS LAGER at Brewdog Bar Newcastle:


And an aptly-sized bottle of wine:


Meeting the Boyfriend – who picked his name:


Assisting me in Customer Services ๐Ÿ˜€


Long story short, a Customer had had a bit of a bad experience with another Gear maker so was understandably quite thorough and detailed about the specifications. I sent mock-ups – something we don’t usually do as I’d never be off the laptop, but made an exception to reassure he was gonna be looked after – and confirmed everything and he placed an order. He asked yesterday if he could have updates about the stages as and when the Gear was being worked on, I said sure but warned it might run along the lines of “Cut”, “Printed” “Sewn” etc and get a bit tedious and that I’d try to make it a bit exciting for him and Stabby stepped up to the plate ๐Ÿ˜€ He was a bit over the moon with it, said it’d made his week – Haha!
Stabby’s going on my CV as an example of “Please describe an occasion where you’ve gone above and beyond in Customer Services” ๐Ÿ™‚


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