Life is Sweet!


I was lucky enough to be able to make another Dog-themed Birthday cake this year after making [ Sue’s Yorkie Cake back in March ] πŸ˜€

Our friends have two adorable Miniature Jack Russel/Teacup Chihuahua crosses (One of them sporting the hetero-chromatic eyes that I really dig!) and it was great fun to bake up a surprise cake featuring the two. It’s Devils food cake base with two handfuls of crushed walnuts thrown in the mix (With the usual cinnamon & vanilla extract) , chocolate fudge buttercream coating and filling, lashings of whipped cream covered in smarties and finished off with grated chocolate.

The dogs themselves were a bit of a challenge – I wanted to get the tinier head, longer body and large bat ears right, as the bunnies and Yorkies I made before were more rounder and chubbier. It took a few goes to get the ears and the backs of the heads sloping down at the back! I painted the markings on with melted chocolate, which stayed in place better than the coloured icing paste I used last time, and pushed a few chocolate drops in for the eyes πŸ™‚

I also made them a ball, a bone & a favourite ice cream-shaped chew toy!



Heroes Cookies from a Funsized bag of Heroes:


There’s Fudge, Chomp, Crunchie & in there.
(The Crunchie ones didn’t like the oven very much and melted into little pools which them solidified but still tasted yummy!)


Just thought I’d pop a few pictures of my Living Room in the Flat up here to fit in with the Sweetie Theme πŸ˜‰




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