B O N . V O Y A G E
Littlest sister Becky departed the North East with her two pet Bunnies a few weeks ago to live with our Mam and her partner down in Gloucester. Stroud is a beautiful place and I know she’ll grow down there and be encouraged properly, even though I’ll sorely miss our Lambrini/Pizza/DVD nights. She won’t enjoy howking me out of the wardrobe when I come to stay in her bedroom because I was sleep walking at Christmas šŸ˜‰

S U K I W E A R 
I’ve been making Wrestling Gear for three years (I think?) with my friend Sue and I wanted to pop a few of our latest pieces up for show-offs šŸ™‚ We’re having a lot of panel work coming in lately, which means a lot more sewing, constructing and printing but there’s no competition between Printed Vs Sewn/Printed combinations! It’s lovely to have more difficult projects coming in šŸ™‚
If you like you can check out our 

F E E D . M E . K I M B L E S

My Venus Flytrap as now reached limbs of ridiculousness – with five new flowering stems beginning to grow. My Flat faces South, so I have a straight left-to-right Sunrise – Sunset and they seem to be reaching up to where the Sun is in it’s highest spot ^.^

G I F T I N G . T H E . S Q U I P P Y
“Squippy” is a bit of a family joke from when Littlest sister Becky was first learning to talk and marveled at our vast collection of pet rabbits and guinea pigs. Skippy was a brown female netherland dwarf rabbit I had at the time, and thus all rabbits became “Squippies”, and guinea pigs became “Ooh-Ooh’s”.
I’ve bought Twylla an outdoor run for the warmer weather, and carried it back from Sue’s place on the bus – God knows what the people around here think of me – a rolled up massive rug to the Charity shop one week, a cabinet the next, a rabbit run after that…haha!
She’s so massive now – it’s hard to believe I got her at 6 weeks – just a little quivering ball of fluff. She’s well spoiled now ^.^
With me having a 3rd-floor penthouse Flat, I thought it wasn’t fair that she should have to miss out, especially when there’s a vast patch of green round the backs of the Flats that’s usually Child & Dog-free. I do go out and grab her a big bag of dandelions for her when they grow but it’d be lovely to sit out with her in the sun with my Guitar or Scrapbook or a paperback and a few cans of an afternoon šŸ™‚

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