Unboxing Ceremonies

The Girl’s have been having a fight for space with my avidly-growing book collection for a while now, and choosing between the two wasn’t even worth considering, so the time came for them to upgrade to their own black-shelf corner space in the Living Room.
Poor Lagoona has been in her box since before Christmas, but I wanted to get the Living Room properly finished and ready before I introduced her to the rest of the Girls πŸ˜‰
I tidied away the Wallpapering table, cleaned out Twylla, gave the room a thorough clean and bought a bottle of wine for the occassion:

“I guess you’re my new sister!”
She doesn’t come with a stand, so popping her next to lonely eBay-liberated Rochelle was quite lovely. Poor Rochelle! She was sitting there all on her own still waiting for her Deuce! Hopefully Lagoona will give her a cuddle, share her hot chocolate and tell her that what will be, will be, Love!
I adore her, right down to the tentacley beverage and her slippers! She’s kicking her legs in an elegantly careless and casual fashion and it just makes me go *squee* everytime I glance over at the corner.
The pink locker behind everyone was a present from my own Sister, and holds everyone’s hairbrushes and Diaries.

Does anyone else have Unboxing Rituals – detailed or casual – when they bring a new Girl home or am I just weird?

Haha πŸ˜‰


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