Despite being knocked on my arse all day with an *extremely* upset tummy bug, I’ve managed to cut out and colour in a daft badge to cover most of the rain damage on a cupcake picture I bought a few weeks ago…


…and designed/made a new T-shirt!
I still have a bunch of custom orders to crack on with, but there’s no way I’m touching them today and risking spraying my germs all over them, especially as some are for newborn babies and Merch Stalls >.<
I think the worse part about being Uncoupled is having to be your own Nurse when you’re Ill – Poor Twylla didn’t know what was going on when I was leaving teeth marks in the Toilet Seat at 3am, or the loud swearing this morning when I was scrubbing vomit from the bedroom carpet – Haha! I’ve never been ill on my own before :/ Tried picking up my Guitar for a bit of practice (I HATE Lazy and Poorly days!) and dropped my nice Nylon  Plectrum inside of it. Failing to get it out – I gave up >.<


I’m in Love with my new Labels though ♥
Everytime I feel like giving up on Planet Neon Bunny, someone abroad orders a bunch of my designs and eggs it on to keep going.
I bought Jennifer a few months ago to encourage me to get more into my own Designs, and she’s coming home tomorrow after she went on loan to Becky for a College Fashion Show project last month:
(I totally got Cool Big Sister Points for this!)


Becky is my pierced, tattooed, artistically gifted, creative, blue-haired, 18-year-old little sister (8 years my Junior) whom I love dearly and unashamedly spoil at every opportunity. It was weird enough growing up as an Oddball in my family, but it’s even weirder having someone of the same ingredients who is exactly like you. I beg for a Painting every Christmas & Birthday, and already have several of hers up in the Flat. She’s a proper little Corker ♥

This is Jennifer:




She is bloody gorgeous! ♥ I’ve missed her, even though she’s half-naked outside my Supervision these days 😉


Seeing as we’re off on a Creative Mission, I’ll finish by introducing my cartoon, prettier, more-assertive avatar “Allie” and her recent appearance in my Scrapbook:



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