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I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Ragdolls since picking up Korn’s ‘Issues’ album as a teenager, and always pondered why they never released an accompanying female in the Doll version – until I realised what it actually was and therefore didn’t have a gender in the first place. Oops :/

Here’s my little versions – digging through the crude pencil loose sheets I’ve kept for years, finishing them off and giving them all a home together. I actually stitched a few as a young girl – maybe I’ll pick my sewing box up again one of these days…
Ragdolls are perfect Microcosms of people. One careless rip and all of the stuffing falls out, despite our Facebook Immortality Complexes.


I fancied a walk through the Park on the way home from Work yesterday, and walked alongside it after finding it prematurely locked against the annual Pre-Guy Fawkes’s Night mischief.
Under a Streetlight that didn’t work, a very fast, very bright and very streamlined creature that looked like a Hare crossed my path in a blur. It was barely there for a second.
You need to get yourself to bed, I thought, but googled the meaning of seeing a Hare, as I’ve been dabbling in Spiritualism and symbols for a while, and Reception is up now that I’m not living in a haze of Booze.
Hare’s are quite different from Rabbits, acting as Messengers from different realms and are considered both Welcome and a Warning as they portray many things.
They’re considered to represent Intuition, Adaptability, Transformation, Lucky Coincidences, having the accurate feeling about something and New Beginnings but also warn of delusions, deceptions and of bad habits or fears that hold us back and make us unable to move forward.

In my case, it’s probably a reminder to stay away from Alcohol and the carnage that occurs afterwards.

I’m having a Spiritual Reading on Saturday, so I’ll let you know how that goes πŸ˜‰


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