Don’t let the Rainbow fool you

As part of this Life Coaching type of carry on, one of the many things breaking the negative repetitive behaviours, the degenerate dependencies (People & Substances), keeping me away from the inside of the bottle and (hopefully) rewiring me into a mature, responsible, sophisticated model citizen is picking up the Happy Scrapbook again!

I put this together last night, using two drawings in the long-abandoned WIP pile and lost three hours finishing it after “Oh, I’ll have a faff for half an hour…”


Scrapbook page detailing substance abuse and escapism.
Mixed Media includes a Lambrini bottle top, a Joint containing Parsley, a Baggie containing more Parsley, heart confetti & iridescent glitter.
Band-aid displays some questionable fragments I found under the Couch.
Everything drawn, coloured, cut, glued and sellotaped by me!



This little character is a glorified & prettier representation based on what I used to look like.

Here’s me, a little over two years ago at size 18-20 –
At my heaviest, my most miserable and probably the furthest into the Void I’ve ever been:


That Shirt is like a dress on me now, I wear it as a Nightie these days šŸ™‚

Me now, a trim size 12-14:


And probably the Happiest I’ve ever been!


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