Don’t ya wanna be a Monster too?


Has it really been *THAT* long since my last Monster High post??It’s been nearly six months!

Needless to say, my Collection has grown since I first brought Frankie home, stood her on my Bookcase and marvelled at the way her bones lit up when her abdomen was pressed. Rochelle arrived not long afterwards to keep her company and Abbey soon joined the ten-inch space they lived in between my Jacqueline Wilson Collection and my Guru Guru Pon-Chan Manga. It got a bit cramped until Venus McFlytrap arrived back from a camping holiday in Whitby & Twyla came home from the 13 Wishes feature movie on the anniversary of a personal heartbreak back in August that the girls suddenly needed their own shelf.

There’s also nothing quite like picking up a new Doll to lift a Smile 🙂



I think a lot about abstract, daft things and I started thinking that whilst each character in the MH series has an endearing trait, they display an equally opposing force to compromise it at the same time. Traits present in both genders across the world, even though the series has a female majority. These are the ones I could think of off the top of my head:

FRANKIE STEIN: ‘Electrifying’ (Sexually appealing) yet she’s unstable – regularly losing limbs and ‘falling to pieces’. Frankie is probably my favourite character from the whole series. I’ve always dug Hetero-chromatic eyes and my Eng Lit GCSE coursework for creative writing (all 26 sides of it) featured at least one character with unusual eye colours. Being a Printer, I can fully appreciate the God Complex which is the balance of creating either a flaw or something beautiful, even though it is essentially the same thing, and Frankie was created from many parts from many bodies but is still quite attractive.

CLAWDEEN WOLF: Sexual Confidence & Attractiveness hindered by Menstruation – “That time of the month”.

DRACULAURA: Compromisation of Traditional Heritage (Dressing modern, going out in the Sun covered in Sun cream, keeping daylight hours, becoming Vegan, Dating the enemy – a Werewolf) yet she still has no reflection and a few traditional

CLEO DE NILE: “Queen-Bee Syndrome” – The demand for (inherited) Respect, yet the absolute absence of Independence. Incapable of Autonomy.

LAGOONA BLUE: The In-Law Syndrome. Universally accepting and friends with all Monsters yet is judged by Gil’s parents for being a Saltwater.

GHOULIA YELPS: Fast and gifted in the Mind, yet painfully slow in the Body.

SPECTRA VONDERGEIST: The need to be recognized even though she is invisible. Opposes Twyla, who is comfortable in her own skin and actually quite chilled out!

ABBEY BOMINABLE: Frosty. Headstrong. Sexually rejective and immune to charms yet craves traditional Courtship.

VENUS MCFLYTRAP: The responsibility to care for and nurture – in her case, the environment. Environmentally dependent – needs Sunlight & water and being out of the dark.

At watching the 13 Wishes movie, I’m quite over the moon that the company that produced Barbie also managed to create something that encourages individuality. I hope the school-aged Barbies have stopped exercising their superiority complex over any self-confessed Monster even ten years after leaving School.







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