*°・o。★ A.b.s.t.i.n.e.n.c.e P.l.e.d.g.e ☆。o・゚*


In line with my recent Sobriety promise to myself, I’ve also pledged that “True Love Will Wait”.
It’s amazing how much time, energy and concentration is dedicated to both Alcohol & Sex – time that could have been spent, ya’know…enriching your life instead of chasing junk food for the brain and the naughty bits.
Obtaining them. Doing them. Enjoying them. Sometimes over-indulging in them & then dealing with the physical or the emotional hangover. Regretting them. Then back to the start of the cycle. Round and Around.
I’m getting off this Ride.

Dating is a bloody Nightmare on it’s own without Alcohol involved.
99.9% of the Men I interact with on a Daily basis are “Chancers”, and are probably responsible for the aggressive Androphobia I’ve just gotten over.
In a nutshell, they’re bored, they think that they’re the absolute best you can ever get and they want to get their sticky fingers all over your Boobies and Frou Frou RIGHT NOW!!
I’ve learned quickly to stop feeling sorry for them over their affection-starved tales of woe and politely making my escape to become Madam Iron Knickers with:

“Go away, before I find someone to bray ya”
“Piss Off, before I get angry”.

I know they’re not all like that, I’m just unfortunate enough to live somewhere populated by a high concentration of them.

“Bonny lass yeh, Ah’d ride ya ahl ahwa! Fancy a Fuck, like?”. Charming. Can you see why I’m jaded?

The Frou Frou doesn’t want to be ridden all over at all.
It wants Flowers and genuine affection and three months of regular time spent together before deciding whether the Samurai can clip the knot – and in the time between then and now, there will be no one-night Scooby Snacks & no Hot-Bubble-Bath-Candles-Lit-Bar-of-Chocolate-Raunchy-Film Early Nights! Tickles & Pornograhy are also banned, obviously.

I’m going to save myself for the right one, direct all of my energies into my Projects and not to give in to Temptation.

Wish me Luck!



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