Monster High: The Bug finally Bites

picture of a pumpkinFrankie Stein: Daughter of Frankenstein’s Monster & His Bride

Like many other young, single, workaholic females in their mid-Twenties (I hope!),  I found myself discovering the Monster High Franchise years after everyone else did.  I watched a few  2-3 minute Webisodes every evening after discovering one of the Dolls online and found myself falling in Love with the characters and their stories, which was quite alien for me as it’s such a mainstream franchise.

I had seen and read various Fanfic Followings from the hardcore new My Little Pony, Harry Potter & Dr Who  fanatics – never *really* understanding them – but I tend to collect niche and specific entertainment lines – Living Dead Doll Mini’s, Junko Mizuno Graphic Novels, Transmetropolitan Comics, The Guru-Guru Pon-Chan Manga, Unconventional Disney Princesses & the Barbie Line (ie Mulan, Esmerelda , Barbie and Tanner – The Dog that poops! – and Pregnant Midge

As a former teenage Goth and someone who’s had to pick up the pieces and stitch them back together several times, I identified particularly with the Protagonist – Frankie Stein. I think she’s adorable! As a professional crafter, I think there’s also a certain beauty in making something by yourself thats just the way you imagined it. There’s also a beauty in repairing certain ‘flaws’ that your magnified God Complex gives you. Frankie is a naive adolescent, who is still figuring out the world, losing and repairing herself as life shows her lessons and she copes just fine.

After a long and miserable day last week, I went to ASDA in search of wine & cheesecake, and saw that they were offering the Ghoul’s Alive! Frankie Doll, as well as Spectra & Clawdeen, and I just had to bring home my first Monster High Doll. I paid nearly £23 for her (worth every penny), which in Single Life works out at:

* Five or Six bottles of Good wine OR
* A week’s worth of Groceries OR
* Maximum willing spend of two pairs of good Combat Pants OR
* Three to four nice Graphic T-shirts.

She’s beautiful. She comes dressed in her main outfit- white shirt with black net short sleeves, green/blue tartan skirt, stitches in the main places, a lightening bolt studded belt, black and white heels, and long black & white hair.
She also does this when you press the button on her abdomen:


She was sat in her box for a week until I was ready to tidy the Flat and de-Box her for display next to my Jacqueline Wilson books today. I brushed her hair which was kinked from the packaging and can’t wait until the light is right for some proper pictures!



7132186629_60ca05ef9e_zRochelle Goyle: Daughter of The Gargoyles

Rochelle won my heart as a young woman made of stone, but still very interested in knowledge and fiercely defending her loved ones.

After accidently bumping into her, Deuce found that she was immune to his gaze which usually turned people temporarily to stone, and initially rejected her romantic interest as he is devotedly dating the demanding and undeserving Cleo De Nile. I feel that there is a future for this pair and I sincerely hope that they both pursue it.

Rochelle falls in love with Deuce’s beautiful, green eyes when his sunglasses fall during their encounter and I think there is something very romantic about her  refusal to give up on him – as well as her attempts to lure him to her just to talk to him – which I’m sure all young women can relate to the desire at one point in their lives. I have purchased a Rochelle and am eagerly awaiting her arrival to keep Frankie company.

Perhaps when my own current Deuce  presents himself to me, I shall finally give her her long-awaited companion 🙂




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