Nature is Awesome

Nature is awesome

1. Sunset. I won’t see one tonight because it’s been overcast and raining all day. The ending of One’s day is always the beginning of Another’s and it’s become quite significant in the background of the eb and flow of general life. A rising Sun always takes the dew that settles overnight and brings with it a fresh promise.

2. Urban Decay. Two streets over, there’s a row of houses bought back from the tenants that the council want to demolish. The gardens have already been emptied and nature is slowly reclaiming the soil and shutters placed on points of entry to deter burglars. To an outside eye, it might seem that Lowlives and Heroin addicts used to live there and are now evicted and out of sight but it’s not the case at all. Our road looks exactly like that. I wonder if the council will try to buy us out in our lifetime to demolish our beloved bricks and mortar.

3. Snails!

I attacked our Wilderness of a Back Yard this week and demolished the nettles at the back corner. Beneath it lay a colony of Snails the size of small tangerines! I felt bad for them during a break when a curious Blackbird landed on the grass and eyed them like a hungry guest at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, and was later seen wiping it’s beak several times on the fence.


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