Fashion Design

Experimental Works & Catnip Toys!

I smuggled my sewing bag onto the bus for the hour-long ride and made some Catnip Toys this week ^.^
They’re stuffed with dried Catnip Herb and are up in the Etsy Store. Every Pet Toy order comes with a free bag of catnip herb 🙂

I’ve been toying with a concept of 3D on Clothes for a while now, and finally started constructing an Experimental piece last week featuring a porthole in silver vinyl and silicone fish tank ornaments. It was quite a refreshing change from the vinyl flat-printing I do over at Planet Neon Bunny, although silicone is definately very unpleasant to attach to cotton! I’m looking at other ways to attach them.

In this piece, I used two heads of white & pink Coral, a blue and pink generic sea anemone, a few strands of Pipe Organ Sea Anemone and a length of generic green plastic Plant I have in my existing tank (washed). I’m overly happy with it, but it definately needs a range of colours in there to fill the spaces (The white line down the middle is Tailor’s chalk I used to align the circle)



Now to tame it and bend it to my will…


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