Fashion Design

New Design!


After being introduced to Glitter Gem Vinyl in a run of Hen Shirts at work, I couldn’t resist coming up with this uplifting quirky design.

Why be a black sheep when you can be a fabulous glittering midnight Unicorn? 😉




I’ve had a little name change over at the Etsy Shop. Planet Neon Bunny was a bit outdated and it doesn’t really fit where I’d like to go with my design work (Plus I’d had it for about six years and it wasn’t ‘Me’ anymore). I’m also retiring a few of my older designs that also go in the ‘Meh’ pile, and I’m feeling a lot less creatively suffocated. I felt like I was in danger of becoming ‘Just another Tee Printer’, and I started losing my love of making things so it was time to cut some dead weight.

Work has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been with the Print Shop for a little over 3 months now, and I’ve designed and printed everything from Cups and Banners to Tents and Camping Chairs from scratch. It was so wonderful to find that I *could* handle this stuff, after years of just T-Shirt, T-Shirt, Hoodie, T-Shirt.

Creative feelers are well and truely stretched and seeking 😀

Kimbles xXx


Polly Pocket!


I managed to pick up a Fairy Wishing Well Polly Pocket Compact on eBay a few weeks ago to celebrate the exit of my part time weekend job after spotting one on eBay and the nostalgia feels got the better of me 😉

Only Polly Pocket is a wonderful website dedicated to the passionate collector, and features everything from the full catalog and doll identification to tips on caring for your collection. Give these guys some love, they’ve put a lot of work into building their site up.

Kimbles xXx

Creations & Surgery

Unicorns are Vegan!


Here’s a Tee and Hoodie I designed upon a suggestion recently using Black/White Vinyl on the corresponding garment colours and adding the accents with Spectrum Vinyl! Spectrum is a notoriously difficult vinyl to photograph with it’s light reflecting qualities so I hope I’ve done a good job here. Baseball Tee is shown above, and below is the Hoodie featuring a “#PoweredByPlants” back print. I also added something a bit personal which you can’t really see in the snaps 😉




Here’s my awesome friend Sarah, who runs “What do Vegans eat anyway?”  modelling her swag!


Kimbles xXx

days out

My 30th


First off, here’s my amazing Birthday cake by the lovely Cakes by Minnie.  I watched Moana recently and was blown away by it, so I was over the moon to have a friend conspire with my S.O. to arrange this surprise for me 😀 The attention to detail is incredible, and I’ve saved the figures from the top to cherish!


Not ones to miss an excuse for cake, the girls at work came up trumps with a box of cupcakes and a bottle of Asti (to be taken home) which I’d never tried before!


Considering I’d only been there three weeks, I was also gifted with this wonderful haul of presents from work ❤

S.O. took me to The Deep in Hull for a Bank Holiday day out, as we were both at work in the days around my Birthday. The queue was absolutely massive but we only waited about 40 minutes. I’d visited a few years ago, and wanted to go again, but when they announced a new Lagoon feature, I wanted to wait until it was finished to visit. As you can see, it was worth it 😀

Images via The Deep Facebook

It’s absolutely incredible. Curved Glass that shows more the further you walk around rocks, anemone, plant life and tropical fish. It was awesome. They’ve homed a few Penguins which is worth seeing, and a few turtles. Even got ourselves a souvenir Fridge Magnet:


All in all, an incredible day. The only spoil on it was the amount of Facebook Parents videoing and photographing their kids all throughout. I’m not opposed to anyone taking snaps but when it’s 10 families in every room, in front of every tank, yourself getting elbowed/pushed out of the way and everyone just recording instead of enjoying the experience, it takes the mystery out of actually visiting, as they have a whole lot to offer. It’s not fair on folks who want to see the exhibits. Just sayin’.

Kimbles xXx




Okay! So what’s been going on in my own world lately…?


I’ve recently got a new Job at a Print & Embroidery place which I’m running alongside a part time weekend Job at a Pub. Hallelujah and three cheers for getting back on my feet for the Flat ❤ (More on that later!)


A bunch of blanks I ordered last week came in after the Bank Holiday delay. You can’t imagine how excited I was to unwrap these babies and get cracking with them 😉 Two of them have already been printed up and I’m working on the third one as a present for someone!


I taught the S.O. how to Vinyl Print after he sent me a design last week, and I said “Yep! Make it with me” 🙂 So we did!


I gifted one to Shiloh Greaves as part of the Road Banter they were enjoying. Here he is modelling it 😀


Inspired, I’ve released a few new designs at the Shop with a Kitty Heart Print in Black, and popping a Glow in the Dark version on the darker colours:

Kimbles xXx